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New Music

NEW MUSIC feat. Matt Keppler and David D'Arville

Collaboration with All Play Records, Arami, and Martronimous

Cover of Mitski's 'Nobody,' feat. Sophie Coran and Arnetta Johnson

NEW MUSIC feat. Matt Keppler and Shelby Yamin


Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, our shows have been postponed until further notice. We will be working to present live material to make up for these cancelled performances. Follow our Instragram and Facebook pages to stay updated!



Trap Rabbit is an alt-jazz experimental duo that formed in 2015 in a Philadelphia basement. Consisting of Logan Roth on keyboards and Arjun Dube on percussion, the pair champions a sound spanning multiple genres, utilizing raw instrumentation and synchronized musical chemistry to create an electrifying performance unlike any other project on the scene today.


Since meeting as students at Princeton University in 2011, Roth and Dube have played in multiple bands together, opening for well-known artists such as Vulfpeck, Ghostnote, Wyclef Jean, Mark Guiliana, and Moonhooch. Using their jazz backgrounds as a foundation, the pair never felt comfortable in the confines of one genre, and moved to Philadelphia after graduating in the hopes of meeting other musicians who shared their sentiments.


The duo also enjoys collaborating with a wide variety of artists including singers, rappers, classical musicians, videographers, and painters. Local Philadelphia collaborators include Kuf Knotz, Christine Elise, Sophie Coran, Josue Lora, Skyler Jenkins, Jake Morelli, Eric Bazillian, and Phil Nicolo (among several others).


original work

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other music featuring TR as performers/producers